Quick Start: Create a project

With this quick start, you create a project to manage and execute a Hello World application.

About this task

This quick start allows you to create and work with a project. It starts with the simple project template. You add the files needed to createe and run the Hello World sample application.


  1. Select File > New > Genero > Simple Project and click OK.
    An unsaved project opens in the Projects view.
  2. Save and name the project.
  3. Expand the tree to see all default nodes in the project.
    By default, a simple project contains a single group node (Group), which contains three child nodes: an Application application node, a Databases library node, and a Library library node. The Application application node contains a child configuration node, also named Application.
    Figure: New simple project

    project tree as seen in Projects view for a new, simple project.
  4. Right-click on the Application application node and select Add Files. Navigate to the My Genero Files/samples/HelloWorld directory and select HelloSource.4gl and HelloForm.4fd.
  5. Add a new library node to hold all forms.
    1. Right-click on the Group group node and select New Library.
    2. Name the library node Forms.
    3. Drag the HelloForm.4fd file and drop it on top of the Forms library node.
  6. Add a dependency to the Application application node for the new Forms library node.
    1. Right-click on the Application application node and select Advanced Properties.
    2. Click on Dependencies to display the Dependencies page. Notice that the Forms check box is not selected.
    3. Check the Forms checkbox.
      Selecting this node indicates that the application is dependent on the files in this library node.
    4. De-select the Databases and Library nodes from the dependency list.
      The application is not dependent on files in either of these nodes.
    5. Click OK.
  7. Right-click the Application application node and select Build.
    The application files are compiled and linked into an executable program. The compiled and executable files for the program are written to the specified Target Directory. Check the output of the build in the Output view.
  8. Right-click the Application configuration node and select Execute.
    The Hello World application launches.
What to do next
Having completed this quick start, you may be asking questions such as these:
  • Could I have deleted the Databases and Library library nodes?

    Yes, these nodes could have been removed. However, having these nodes exist in the tree do not cause any additional work for the project, especially once they were removed as dependencies for the application.

  • Could I have renamed the Library library node, turning it into the Forms library node?

    Yes, you could have simply renamed the existing library node instead of creating a new library node. For this quick start, however, the intention was to provide the experience in creating a library node and adding a dependency.