Deploy a mobile package for testing

Follow this procedure to deploy your package to a connected device or emulator.

Before you begin

You must have created a package for a mobile device. See Creating a package and Packaging for a mobile device.

  1. If deploying to a device, plug the device into a USB port.
    If necessary, update the drivers for your device.
    For Android, you can check that your computer recognizes your device by selecting Tools > Android Tools > List Devices. See Configure for Genero Mobile for full configuration information.
  2. In Genero Studio, select the correct Genero configuration.
    For example, select Android for Android devices.
  3. In the Projects view, right-click the Package node and select Deploy.
    The Deploy action executes the commands in the Deploy rule for the platform specified in the package node. You can follow the progress of the deployment in the Output view.

    You can test this with the OfficeStoreMobile project. Open the project and deploy the corresponding package in the Packages group.

    Figure: Deploying one of the example packages

    The app appears on the device or emulator.
  4. Tap the app icon to launch the app.