Add a new item to the BA diagram

Create a new Program entity called Start in the BA diagram.

Before you begin: Ensure you have made a copy of the template set.

  1. Open the settings.agconf file in your template directory.
  2. Find the BusinessApplication section. Add a new DynamicProperty and Item. In the Item element, define a new Program item with a name, extension, label, icon and dynamicProperties attribue values of your choice. The value of the dynamicProperties attribute corresponds with the name attribute in the DynamicProperty element.
          label="myProp" />
            label="New Start item"   
            dynamicProperties="myProp" />
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Select Tools > Specific setup > Reload to reload the modified template file.
  5. Select the Library node in your project and right-click. Select New > Business Application Diagram (4ba) to create a new 4ba.
  6. Right-click on the BA diagram to see and select a new Start item. Save the 4ba file to your project directory (not the template directory).
    The item cannot yet be implemented because the new file type (4srt) has not yet been defined.