Migrate from dbapp1.0 to dbapp2.0

You can migrate your generated application from the dbapp1.0 template set to the dbapp2.0 template set.

  1. Modify your 4pw project file by removing any Application Generator file build rules. Delete the duplicate rules from the Edit Build Rules dialog so that your program will use the new template build rules.
  2. The dbapp2.0 build rules are in a file called build.rules. If you have your own template directory, you must copy the build.rules file from the dbapp2.0 template directory. If you have modified the build rules, reintegrate your changes in the build.rules file.
  3. The dbapp2.0 template uses the 4dbx database schema file type. Before using the dbapp2.0 template, replace the 4db files with 4dbx ones.
  4. Open the 4db file and use Save As to save the file with a 4dbx extension. If you have defined your own template directory:
    1. Confirm that you have the 4dbx file type definition.
    2. Confirm that the actions are present in the creatable.conf.
    3. Remove the build rules from your projects if you have added them (or update them to execute the same operations as the provided ones).
    4. Confirm that the build.rules file contains the same build rules as the provided one for 4dbx.
    5. Confirm that the settings.agconf contains the 4dbx section.
  5. Report instruction names have changed. For each 4rp file, you need to select its data source again. The data source can be created by building your 4rd file.
  6. Confirm that you are using the dbapp2.0 template set. Select Tools >> Preferences, Application Generator and select Database Applications 2.0.