Migrate customized template sets

You can migrate your customized template set.

  1. Confirm that you are using your template set. Select Tools > Genero Configurations.
  2. In the Environment sets list check mark the environment set for your template, or create one pointing GSTSETUPDIR to your template set.
  3. Open the settings.agconf file and modify the version attribute of the root element to 5. <AGSettings version="5">
  4. Open the other settings files in the Code Editor and check if there are errors (file-types.xml, creatable.conf, and build.rules).
  5. In case of errors, review the template setting files to which you want to migrate and modify your settings to match the new file format.
  6. A new template may generate different code. If you have modified the template files, you may lose those changes when using a new template set. If you want to use a new template, you may have to manually integrate your changes into the new template set.
    If the Application Generator model is identical or there is no impact on your template files or you are not interested in the new template features, you can keep your templates unchanged. If you have modified the generated source (4gl) code in a BLOCK or a POINT, changing the current template does not delete your changes. If the corresponding BLOCK/POINT still exists in the template, your changes will be integrated during the next compilation. If the BLOCK/POINT has been removed from the template, it will appear at the end of the file in a lost BLOCK/POINT, that you can reintegrate into your code (with copy/paste, for example).