Add a Report Design Document (4rp) to a BAM project

You can customize the look and feel of your report with a Report Design Document (4rp).

Before you begin: A Report Data definition (rdd) file must have been generated. See Implement reports.

  1. To create the 4rp file, either:
  2. Select the Data View tab from the Projects View.
  3. Click Open Schema File... to associate the generated report data definition file (rdd) with this report design. You can find the name of the generated rdd file in your project's Intermediary Files listing.

    This figure is a screenshot of the Report Designer Data View prior to associating a schema file with the report design document. See the surrounding text for information about the role of a schema file in report design.
  4. Design your report by dragging and dropping fields from the Data View tab to your report design. For further information about adding and placing report elements, see Designing a Report.
  5. Save the Report Design Document (4rp) to your project, giving it a name such as listreport.4rp.
  6. Return to the BA diagram and select the relation link between the Form and Report Data objects.
  7. Supply the name of your Report Design Document, such as listreport.4rp, for the Report File property.
  8. Build and run the application and select Preview from the Toolbar to view the report with the new design.