Generate and run the application

With the program and the form implemented, you are ready to build and execute the application.

  1. In appflow.4ba, right-click the Main program entity and select Build Program.
    The application is generated. The results of the build are displayed in the Output view.
  2. Right-click the Main program entity and select Execute Program.

    The generated application is executed, and the form is displayed in the Genero Desktop Client (GDC). Toolbar icons are generated for the program's default actions, such as New, Modify, and Delete. The business logic is created in the generated .4gl files to implement the relevant actions.

    Figure: A generated application running on the desktop (GDC)

    This figure is a screenshot of the application running with the form displayed. Toolbar icons are enabled for New, Modify, Delete, Search, Next, and Last. Details are displayed for the user ID "bloggs".
  3. Interact with the form, for example:
    1. Click Next to move to the next record.
    2. Click Modify, edit the record, and click Accept.
    3. Click Search and enter miller into the userid field.
    When you are finished, select File > Exit.