Add a ready-to-use web component to a form

With Form Designer, you can place and configure properties for several ready-to-use web components.

About this task

The Genero Business Development Language includes several ready-to-use web components as part of its package. These ready-to-use web components are located in the $FGLDIR/webcomponents directory and include the .wcsettings and .png image files required of a web component. At this time, the ready-to-use web components include a rich text editor, a picture gallery, or an SVG drawing canvas.

Before you begin

Ensure that the Web Component environment set is selected in your configuration.

  1. Open the form design document.
  2. Select Widget > WebComponent and draw the widget on the form.
  3. Set the componentType property of the new widget to fglrichtext, fglgallery, or fglsvgcanvas.
  4. Set the properties for the component type.
    Each of the ready-to-use web components has its own set of properties specific to that web component.

    For example, the fglrichtext component includes a toolbar property, and the fglgallery and fglsvgcanvas include a selection property.

  5. Save the form.

This procedure simply placed the web component on the form. To make the component work, additional coding is required within the application itself. To better understand the properties and the code required (or that supports) a specific ready-to-use web component, see the Built-in Web Components section in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.