Deploy a package to the GAS

Follow this procedure to deploy your package to a local or remote Genero Application Server (GAS).

Before you begin

You must have created a package in Genero Studio for an application server (with a .garextension). See Creating a package and Packaging for the GAS.

  1. Select the configuration for the Genero Application Server.

    If you don't have an existing configuration for your Application Server, you can create one using the Genero Configuration Management and Genero Application Server Management dialogs.

  2. In the Projects view, right-click the Package node and select Deploy.
    The Deploy action executes the commands in the Deploy rule for the platform specified in the package node. You can follow the progress of the deployment in the Output view.
    The archive is deployed to the $(res.appdata.path)/deployment directory defined in the GAS configuration file, and a timestamp is added to the name of the deployment directory. Configuration files are copied automatically to the Group directory defined in the GAS configuration file.