Debug a running remote program

Complete this procedure to attach the Graphical Debugger to a running remote process.

Before you begin:

  • You have a Genero program that is running remotely.
  • For source files located on a remote machine, the sources must be accessible using mount points or synchronization directories. See Define remote server files.

Remote debugging is not supported for GDC-UR applications rendered in a Chrome browser. For details on this restriction, please see QWebEngine Remote Debugging no longer works in Chrome.

  1. Select Debug >> Attach to Process....
    The Attach to process dialog opens.
  2. Select the Attach to remote process (SSH) radio button.
  3. Complete the required fields:
    The remote host.
    The port number for communicating with the remote host.
    The user name needed to connect to the remote host.
    The password needed to connect to the remote host.

    If you are using public key authentication with SSH, leave the Password field blank. For information about setting up public key authentication, see SSH advanced security.

    The FGLDIR of the remote host.
    Process ID
    The process ID of the Genero program.

    Each process is identified by the process ID, or PID. On Windows systems, you can use the Task Manager to identify the process ID for the fglrun process executing the Genero program.

  4. Click Attach.
    The debug session starts.

    Genero searches the directories specified by the FGLSOURCEPATH environment variable for the relevant source file. If Genero Studio cannot find the source (.4gl) file, the Select the file dialog opens and you must navigate to the directory and select the relevant source file. To avoid this additional step, add the path to the source file to FGLSOURCEPATH before attempting to attach to the process.