Update a meta-schema from database

Update a schema file to the current structure of its associated database.

This procedure merges any changes made in the structure of a database into your meta-schema file. This requires that you have access to the database. Any information that you have added to the meta-schema will be preserved.

When the changes are merged, the Meta-schema Manager verifies that the database objects in the original meta-schema still exist. If the object is no longer present in the database, it is removed from the meta-schema.

  1. Right-click on the meta-schema file in the Projects or DB Schemas tab.
  2. Select Update Schema ... or Update from Database.
  3. Complete the Update meta-schema dialog as described in Extract meta-schema information from database.
    The database meta-schema file is updated to match the current structure of the database.

    The Build command does not automatically rebuild the entire project for each modification of the meta-schema file (.4db, .4dbx). It is the responsibility of the developer to recompile the appropriate parts of the project or to use the Rebuild all command.