Display to an Android virtual device

This configuration allows you to run a program from Genero Studio and display it to your Android™ virtual device (AVD).

Before you begin:

Meet the requirements for Android emulator hardware acceleration. The emulator requires a processor with virtualization technology and a dedicated driver. Most recent Intel® processors support virtualization (VT-x, EM64T). See Configure hardware acceleration for the Android Emulator (external link) for further information.

  1. Install and configure Java SDK and Android SDK.
  2. Unplug any Android hardware devices connected via USB or Configure multiple Android display devices.
  3. Change the active configuration to Android (the combobox in the lower right corner of the Genero Studio).
    You are now ready to create a virtual device and install Genero Mobile for Android (GMA) onto the virtual device.

    Genero Mobile provides an 'Android' Virtual Device (AVD), however you can elect to use another AVD, such as Genymotion.


    If you create your own emulator, you must specify an external storage > 100 MB.

  4. Select Tools > Android Tools > Create Android Virtual Device and then select Phone or Tablet.
    If a console appears asking you to create a custom hardware profile, press Enter to accept the default answer (no).
  5. Select Tools > Android Tools > Launch Android Emulator and then select Phone or Tablet. Wait for the emulator to finish loading.
    You will know it is finished loading when the emulator looks like a device screen.
  6. From Genero Studio, select Tools > Android Tools > Deploy Genero Mobile for Android.

    In the Genero Studio output panel, you will see that the deploy started and finished.

  7. On the AVD start the Genero Mobile monitor by clicking on the Genero Mobile icon.

    If the Genero Mobile icon does not appear on the home screen, use your mouse wheel or touchpad's two-finger scrolling to go to the Apps screen where you will see the icon.

    You will see that the Genero Mobile monitor is started and is waiting for connections. You can now run your own apps from Genero Studio to your virtual device.
  8. Test your configuration. From Genero Studio, find the HelloWorld project and open it. Execute the HelloWorld configuration. You should now see the Hello World program running on the virtual device.
    Your app will display to the virtual device currently running or you can Configure multiple Android display devices.