Build a project or application

When you build a project or application, you compile (if required) and execute the link rules for the selected nodes along with any pre-link or post-link commands.

About this task

If you select the Build all menu option, the build and link rules are applied to all applications in the project.

If you select the Build menu option, all applications in the selected node have the build and link rules applied. If the command is executed from the top menu, the default application is built; otherwise the selected node is whichever node you right-clicked to show the contextual menu. The Build menu option is available on Group, Application, and Library nodes.


  1. To build the entire project, either:
    • Select Build > Build all from the top menu.
    • Right-click on the project node and select Build all.
  2. To build the default application, select Build > Build from the top menu.
  3. To build any application or project node, right-click on the application or project node and select Build.