Show data in the DB Explorer view

Follow these steps to view the data for a business record.

Before you begin

When testing the data for your form, WebService, or report data file (4rd) design, you may need to see if the query defined displays data values as expected. For example, you may have a sales report where you want to highlight all sales that are above (or below) a certain value.

About this task

You can view, but not edit, the data for a business record in the DB Explorer view.

You cannot use DB Explorer to view or edit binary data (BLOB data type). In addition, for some databases you cannot use DB Explorer to view or edit text-based large objects, such as the CLOB data type in IBM-Informix® database servers.


  1. Open the business record (.4rd) diagram.
  2. Right-click in the Business Record object and select Show Data.
    Figure: Show business record data

    Figure shows a report data record object with the menu to Show Data selected
    Tip: You can also right-click on the business record node in the Structure View view.
    DB Explorer opens, with the data displayed.
    Note: If the DB Explorer has not yet been connected to the database, you must enter the database details in the Connection Information dialog before the DB Explorer opens. These details are saved and all subsequent calls to Show Data will open the DB Explorer directly.