Merge records in the Business Record diagram

You can merge records that have a relation defined in a Business Record diagram.

Before you begin

In order to merge two records in a Business Record diagram, a relationship must exist between the two records. See Add a relation between records in a Business Record diagram.

About this task

You can merge records if your Business Record diagram contains too many records. The goal of the merge is to reduce the number of records in the display.

This feature was designed to manage the Business Record diagram for records and Web services. It should work with forms comprised of grids, but it will not work on all forms.


  1. Right-click on the relationship between the two records.
  2. Select Merge Records.
    The two records are merged into a single record, keeping the name of the master record in the relationship.
  3. Verify the Join is properly set.
    When merging records, the relationship will be defined for you if the primary/foreign key relationship is set in the schema. If the relationship is not set in the schema, you will need to set it yourself.
    1. Right-click on the merged record and select Edit query.
    2. On the Joins Builder tab, ensure the Join is properly established.