Set the report template directory

When you create a new report template directory, you need to configure Genero Studio to recognize the directory.

Templates used to create a new report must appear in the File > New > Report from Template menu. When you create a directory to hold your custom template files, you must update the creatables.conf configuration file to add the custom templates to the menu.

The initial template directory is defined in the creatables.conf file provided in the Genero Studio installation directory (at $GSTDIR/conf). It is recommended that you do not modify the creatables.conf file in the GSTDIR directory, but modify the user-specific creatables.conf file in your GSTSETUPDIR directory.

Before you begin, know the full path to the new template directory.

  1. Open the creatables.conf file from your GSTSETUPDIR directory (for example, C:\Users\Jean Dupont\AppData\Roaming\FourJs\Genero Studio 4.00\tpl\dbapp4.0) .

    To locate the GSTSETUPDIR directory, select Tools > Specific setup > Locate setup directory.

  2. Add the following text directly under the <Creatables> root:
    <DocumentDirectory index="35" label="Report From Template"
     name="RWReportFromTemplate" icon="document_4rp"  directoryPath="DirectoryPath">
      <DocumentType extension="4rt" icon="document_4rt" action="RWTemplateWizard"/>
      <DocumentType extension="4rp" icon="document_4rp" action="RWTemplateWizard"/>

    Update the directoryPath parameter to the location of your template files.


    This creatables.conf file is merged with the GST installation creatables.conf file (located in $GSTDIR/conf). The index attribute of DocumentDirectory indicates where the node is inserted in the merged file. If the DocumentDirectory node's name is the same as an existing node in the GST installation creatables.conf file, then the two nodes are merged.


    To list multiple directory paths, separate the paths with a semicolon, for example, directoryPath="D:/myTemplates;C:/Users/JeanDupont/MyTemplates"

  3. Select Tools > Specific setup > Reload.

The templates within the specified directory appear in the Report From Template selection list when you select File > New.