Modify an existing report template

You can modify an existing report template and add them to the Designer Wizard.

To modify an existing report template, you need to create copies of the existing template files and then modify the copies. When finished, the modified templates must be added to the Designer Wizard.

  1. Create a new directory on your disk (e.g: My Report Templates) to hold your customized report template files.
  2. Locate the files for the existing report template and move them into your new directory.
    Note: The existing template files are in the $GSTDIR/gre/templates directory.
    These files include:
    • *.4rt - the existing report template file.
    • *.4rt.png - the existing image used for the report template file in the new report from template wizard.
    • *.4rt.prop - the existing configuration file used to categorize the report template.
    • *.rsd - the report schema design file used by the report template.
    • the template-specific sub-directory, containing the many images used by pages within the template wizards.
  3. Rename the files and sub-directory to use a unique name. All of the files (with the exception of the .rsd file) and the image directory should share the same name.
  4. Make changes to the *.4rt file in Report Designer.
  5. Update the *.4rt.prop file to specify your template name, description, and filtering tags.
  6. Update the creatables.conf file in your GSTSETUPDIR directory and add details about the directory.

    See Set the report template directory for more details.

  7. Update the image files, as necessary. See the section on template images in Customize the appearance of a new report template in the wizard.