Start the Web server service

If you are running the GRE daemon on a different machine than the DVM, and the output type is either "PDF", "RTF", "XLS", "XLX" or "HTML" (as specified by the fgl_report_selectDevice function), you must set up the environment before you can preview reports.


During development, the GAS standalone dispatcher, httpdispatch can be used instead of a Web server.

  1. Start the Web server service by invoking the command grehttpd, which is located at $GREDIR/bin/.

    The grehttpd command has the following options:

    • -p port, where port is the port number. The default port is 8080.
    • -q activates the Web server service in quiet mode.
    • -d directory, where directory specifies the Web root. There may be several. If nothing is specified, then the current working directory (".") is taken as the Web root.
    • -license prints the NanoHTTPD license.

    The Genero Report Engine ships with this minimal Web server. However, any other web server capable of serving static files can be used.

  2. Set the GREOUTPUTDIR environment variable to the specified Web root directory in the environment of the GRE daemon (greportwriter -l).