Change the type of a report element

Change a report element from one type to another, for example, from a Word Box to a Word Wrap Box.

  1. In the report, right-click on the element you want to change.

    To convert the type of multiple report elements at once, Ctrl-click each element before right-clicking.

  2. Select Convert To and choose the new type from the list.

    The name property of the element does not change, unless the name of the old node is of the format [Type][Number]. A node named WordBox12 would be renamed, for example.

    By default, the new object type has the properties set that it has in common with the old type. For some type conversions, additional properties may be set. For example, when you convert a Decimal Format Box to a Word Box, the X-Size and Y-Size properties remain the same, but the Value property is converted to a string value and assigned to the Text property.