Create an XY chart

XY charts have two data values. For example, you could map quantity sold against discount percentage.

  1. Open a new or existing report in Report Designer.
  2. If you are creating a new report, specify the data schema to be used for the report.
  3. From the Tool Box view, drag and drop the XY Chart into a container on the report design.
    The Design Window contains a Chart object and its related Item object (shown as a price tag).
    Figure: XY chart object in the work area

    This figure is a screenshot of a XY chart object in the work area.
  4. Select the chart object and enter the values for its properties in the Properties View:
    • Title - caption at the top of the graph
    • X Axis Title - caption for the X axis
    • Y Axis Title - caption for the Y axis
    • Draw As - the type of chart, for example, Scatter or TimeSeries. The default is a line chart.
  5. Select the chart's price tag, which represents the item object, and enter the following properties:
    • Series Title - Determines the color and legend entry for the data point. The series title must be a String.
    • X - What to plot on the X-axis. X must be Numeric.
    • Y - What to plot on the Y-axis . Y must be Numeric.

What to do next: You must modify the report structure to ensure the chart displays as required.