View the AUI tree (Development Client)

While viewing your app in the Genero Development Client, you can view the AUI tree for your mobile app in a browser.

Before you begin, you should have verified your configuration within Genero Studio to display to the Genero Development Client.
The Genero Development Client allows the developer to view the AUI tree on the default port 6400.
  1. On your iOS device, launch the Genero Development Client.
  2. Find the HTTP VIEWING URL. Make a note of the URL.

    The HTTP VIEWING URL displays in the Development window. If you do not see the development window, press the Develop button.

  3. In Genero Studio, set your configuration for the iOS Dev Client and start your app.
    In the Task pane, your app shows as running.
  4. In the Genero Development Client interface on your iOS device, click Connect.
    The app displays on the device.
  5. Open a browser and enter in the HTTP VIEWING URL.
    The GMI Information page displays.
  6. Click AUI Tree.
    The AUI Tree displays.
As you navigate the app on your device, you must reload your browser to view the changes in the AUI tree.