Run a debug version of a deployed app

After deploying the debug version of the app to your device, you must start the app in order to use the debug tools.

Before you begin:
  • You must deploy the debug version of the app to the device.
  • You must physically connect the device to your computer using a USB cable. Wireless debugging from within Genero Studio is not supported.

With Genero Mobile, the debug version of a deployed app enables the debug preferences by enabling port 6400 for debugging.

  1. On the device, launch the debug version of the app.
  2. In Genero Studio, select Debug > Attach to Mobile Process.
    The debugger starts and you can debug your application.
If you have trouble connecting, these are things you can check in the application's settings:
  • The debug port check box must be selected. You should not need to enable the debug port as it is checked by default.
  • The debug port in the application's settings must be set to 6400, otherwise Genero Studio will not be able to connect to it.