Run an app with the Profiler

The Profiler is a tool built in the runtime system that generates a report about where the program spends time, and which function calls which function. The Profiler can help to identify areas in the program that are slower than expected.

Before you begin:

Select the appropriate Genero Studio configuration for displaying to your mobile device or emulator, and have your app project open in Genero Studio.

For more information on using the Profiler, see the Genero Studio User Guide.
Note: When in developer mode, the DVM is running on the desktop. The Profiler is therefore providing a profile of the app as it runs on the desktop. It many not be a true representation of how it will perform when deployed to the device.
  1. Set the desired app as the default app.
  2. Select Debug > Execute with Profiler.
    The app starts on your device.
  3. Use the app.
  4. End the app.
    The Profiler report appears in the Output panel.