Cursor movement keymap

Keyboard shortcuts for moving the cursor.

Table 1. Cursor movement keymap
Command / Action Keyboard shortcuts
Left one character Left arrow
Right one character Right arrow
Left one word Ctrl + Left arrow
Right one word Ctrl + Right arrow
Up one line Up arrow
Down one line Down arrow
Beginning of line Home
End of line End
Last index of current line Alt + End
First index of current line Alt + Home
Scroll window up one line Ctrl + Up arrow
Scroll window down one line Ctrl + Down arrow
Up one screen Page Up
Down one screen Page Down
Top of file Ctrl + Home
Bottom of file Ctrl + End
Next tab stop Tab
Previous tab stop Shift + Tab
Go to line Ctrl + G
Find matching brace, bracket or parenthesis Click one brace to highlight matching braces
Smart backspace Shift + Backspace