Scripting error messages

A list of scripting error messages. For messages that are not self-explanatory, additional information is provided.

Table 1. Scripting error messages
Number Description
GS-09002 File path issue. Path is incorrect or file is missing.
Cannot package file : $filePath source and destination relative path don't match 
Destination directory not in rootDir 
Cannot compute zip directory from source dir 
Error updating application archive '$appZip'
Error compressing application archive '$appZip'
Error adding $packageName\.xcf to application archive '$appZip'
GS-09003 Bad script arguments, such as an incorrect build rule, packaging rule, deployment rule, or run rule.
Missing argument apkFilePath
Missing argument deployData
Missing argument projectDir
Missing argument architecture
GS-09004 Genero configuration settings errors.

General error messages include:

Missing dynamic property '$propertyName'
Missing environment variable GMADIR 
Cannot find Genero Mobile for Android package, check GMADIR environment variable
Missing environment variable ANDROID_HOME

Error messages with a specific solution include:

Provisioning profile '$provisioningProfile' doesn't exist.
The path contained in PROVISIONING_PROFILE variable is not valid.

Update the variable to provide a valid path.

Provisioning profile '$provisioningProfile' is not a provisioning profile.

The path contained in PROVISIONING_PROFILE variable is not a provisioning profile (.mobileprovision) file.

Update the variable to provide a valid providioning profile file.

Copy of provisioning profile '$provisioningProfile' failed.

The copy of provisioning profile to package has failed.

Invalid value for DEBUG_PACKAGE variable (should be an integer superior or equal to 0).

DEBUG_PACKAGE value is invalid. It should contains the debug level as a positive integer.

Cannot find Genero Mobile for iOS package, check GMIDIR environment variable.

The path contained in GMIDIR is not valid. Update GMIDIR to contain a valid path.

GS-09005 Cannot read deployment data file '$deployData'

Error parsing deployment data file '$deployData'

GS-09007 Informational messages.
Deploy to $deviceId started
Deploy started
Deploy finished
Starting emulator
Waiting for $deviceId to respond
Emulator started
Starting Genero Mobile for Android on $deviceId 
Forwarding android port 6400 to localhost:$displayClientPort 
Starting Genero Mobile for Android Genero Mobile for Android started
GS-09008 Errors in package node in project file (4pw). Error messages with a specific solution include:
Invalid package name '$packageName'

Use alpha numeric characters only.

Invalid package ID '$packageId'

Follows java package naming:

Invalid packageLabel '$packageLabel'

Package label cannot be an empty string.

Invalid package version '$packageVersion'

Package version must be integer value.

GS-09009 No module (.42r) in package

Error message and solution is self-explanatory.

GS-09010 This error is raised when an external process fails.

Possible error messages provided by Genero Studio:

Error displaying $url in browser : $msg
Error forwarding port to $port : $errmsg 
Error launching internet browser $browser : $errmsg 
Error launching adb devices 
Connect an Android device or start the Android Virtual Device emulator
Genero Mobile for Android not deployed on device 
Error decompressing '$gmaZip' : $errmsg
Other error messages are raised by external tools; external tool messages happen on:
  • deployment / install errors
  • emulator startup errors
  • gma startup errors
  • port forwarding errors
  • adb devices errors

If the message is similar to the following:

::error:(GS-09010) adb: failed to install OrdersApp_Android.apk: 
Performing Streamed Install
child process exited abnormally

Check to see whether you have already installed the same Android application with a greater version number. The version number for an Android application is set by the Version property of the Android application package node.

To resolve this issue, uninstall the existing Android application prior to installing the package.

GS-09011 Multiple modules (.42r) in package $packageName
GS-09012 Incorrect Icon-mdpi extension, only png image format is supported.

Error message and solution is self-explanatory.