Functions to set report metadata

Use these functions to set report metadata.

These functions are useful when you want to:

  • Set the metadata for compatibility reports and generic reports.
  • Localize metadata for .4rp reports.
  • Override the metadata properties of a .4rp report. For example, you can make the title dynamic at runtime.
Table 1. Functions to set Report Metadata
Function Description
fgl_report_setAuthor (author STRING)
Sets the report author metadata value.
fgl_report_setTitle (title STRING)
Sets the report title metadata value.
fgl_report_setCreator (creator STRING)
Sets the report creator metadata value.
fgl_report_setSubject (subject STRING)
Sets the report subject metadata value.
fgl_report_setKeywords (keywords STRING)
Sets the report keywords metadata value.

If the target file format supports metadata, then the value is inserted into the target document. Typically this is a whitespace-separated list of key words. Calling this function to set the value supersedes the value specified in the .4rp template.