Records data events (Report Data entity)

Reference topic for a report record data code events set.

Table 1. Records data events
Event Use when ... Function

On Select Rows

Use this event to include custom code immediately prior to the application running the SELECT statement that returns the report data.

When the application is built, a SELECT statement is generated based on the settings in the Report Data entity. This SELECT statement is the input to the function that implements this code event; it is also returned by the function.

You could manipulate the string variable to return an altered SELECT statement; however, you should first determine whether you can update the Report Data entity to generate the correct SELECT statement without resorting to a code event.

On Computed Fields

Use this event to update fields in a business record prior to the record being written to the report.

The parameter is passed by reference (INOUT); changes to the fields of a record remain after the function completes.

In this event function:
  • You could calculate a field value, such as a computed value from one or more columns in the record.
  • You could concatenate text columns, such as an address, and display in one field.
  • You can set default values for fields in the record when it has no data.