Genero Studio 4.01 new features

This publication includes information about new features and changes in existing functionality.


This page covers only those new features introduced with the Genero Studio version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this version.

Corresponding upgrade guide: GST 4.01 upgrade guide.

Previous new features page: GST 4.00 new features.

Table 1. Form Designer
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The keyboardHint property has new values: text, search, decimal, numeric, and none. See keyboardHint.
Table 2. Genero Studio
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Starting at GST 4.01.03
New Androidâ„¢ permissions have been added:
These are available to select in the Android package node.
For more information, go to Manifest.permission.
Starting at GST 4.01.04
Host names can contain special characters (such as periods) when extracting a meta-schema from a PostgreSQL database. For more information, go to Extract a meta-schema information from a database.
Database views can be used to implement form entities, Web service entities, and report data entities with the Business Application Modeler (BAM). For more information, go to Database views and application modeling.
When redeploying a GMI app, modified mobile application files remain in the same location. For more information on mobile applications, go to Mobile applications.
For a remote configuration using synchronization directories, the synchronization directory details are provided in the information displayed by the Help > Product info menu option. For more information on remote configuration, go to Configuring a remote environment.
Table 3. Genero Report Engine
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Starting at GRE 4.01.06
The gremkstr tool compiles .str localized string resource files. This tool, provided as part of the Genero Report Engine, performs the same function as the fglmkstr tool provided by the Genero Business Development Language package. For more information, go to gremkstr.
Table 4. Genero Report Writer
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Starting at GST 4.01.04
A FacturX reporting application demo has been added to the Reports project, provided as part of Tutorials & Samples. For more information on demos, go to Using the Reports demo.