Update report design documents to the current version

The gsreport command line utility updates report design documents (.4rp) from previous versions to the current version.


gsreport [OPTIONS] filename [filename [...]] 
Table 1. gsreport options
Option Parameter Description
-h Show help.
-V Display program name and version.
-c Convert old format .4rp files to the latest format
-encoding ENCODING Set the encoding to ENCODING (default: CP1252)
Note: When you use the -h option to display command help, the default encoding for your current environment displays.
-translate LOCALE Set the translation file to LOCALE.


This command line utility accepts a list of files, separated by a space. To include all report files in a directory, use the wildcard symbol (*).

Invoked without any options, the program performs a dry run that reports issues but does not modify the files.

Use option ā€œ-cā€ to convert files to the current version.
Warning: The tool does not back up the files.

If the data schema file (.rdd or .xsd) associated with the report design document is not encoded in system encoding, the -encoding option should be used to specify the encoding.

If error messages and warnings need to be displayed in a language different from the system language, the ā€œ-translateā€ option can be use to specify an alternate language.