Update report design documents to the current version

The gsreport command line utility updates report design documents (.4rp) from previous versions to the current version.


gsreport [OPTIONS] filename [filename [...]] 
Table 1. gsreport options
Option Parameter Description
-h Show help.
-V Display program name and version.
-c Convert old format .4rp files to the latest format
-encoding ENCODING Set the encoding to ENCODING (default: CP1252)

When you use the -h option to display command help, the default encoding for your current environment displays.

-translate LOCALE Set the translation file to LOCALE.


This command line utility accepts a list of files, separated by a space. To include all report files in a directory, use the wildcard symbol (*).

Invoked without any options, the program performs a dry run that reports issues but does not modify the files.

Use option ā€œ-cā€ to convert files to the current version.

The tool does not back up the files.

If the data schema file (.rdd or .xsd) associated with the report design document is not encoded in system encoding, the -encoding option should be used to specify the encoding.

If error messages and warnings need to be displayed in a language different from the system language, the ā€œ-translateā€ option can be use to specify an alternate language.