GUI Testing

The automation of regression testing relies on the Genero Ghost Client (GGC), a tool that is provided as part of the Genero Business Development Language package.

From Genero Studio, you create a regression test by executing an application and recording what it does. It will generate a .4gl test scenario. You can run the application and record the log in both local and remote configurations. You can record against all front-ends: the Genero Desktop Client (GDC), the Genero Browser Client (GBC), and both of the Genero Mobile clients (GMA and GMI).

Recording a test against a mobile client (GMA or GMI) must be done in development mode. The Genero BDL code is executed on the local machine.

While Genero Studio provides an interface to create and execute your test, it relies on the GGC. It is recommended that you read the Genero Ghost Client User Guide to understand the GGC and its capabilities.