Import Preferences dialog

When you install a new version of Genero Studio you can choose to import previous Configuration settings from older installations of Genero Studio.

The Import Preferences dialog appears when you install Genero Studio if prior installations are detected.

Figure: Import Preferences

This figure is a screenshot of the Import Preferences dialog.
Select an installation to import its Preferences settings and update the new installation of Genero Studio.
Show older versions
If the version of Genero Studio is too old, it won't be listed in the dialog unless the Show old versions (partial import only) checkbox is checked. If an old version is chosen, only part of the Preferences will be imported (for example, Preferences such as menus or Toolbars won't be imported).
Import options
Check the boxes for importing the Configurations, Histories, and/or Preferences from the selected installation.

Imported environment sets are given the suffix - Imported (for example, Android - Imported).