History configuration

In the work area of many of the Genero Studio modules, the names of previously used items are stored and displayed as history. Genero Studio allows you to manage these History lists.

History list

The name of each list that you can manage is displayed. These are the only lists that you can alter.

History Details

Table 1. History Details
Property Description
History Size Specify the maximum number of items displayed in a list.
Allow Duplicates If this box is checked, duplicate names can be added to the list of items. If the list contains duplicate items, unchecking the box will cause a dialog box to be displayed, asking you to confirm the removal of the duplicate items from the list.

History items

Icons allow you to:

  • Add - add a new item

  • Delete - remove the selected item

  • Edit - change the name of the selected item

  • Up/Down arrow - Rearranges the items in the list by moving a selected item up and down.

  • Default - specifies the default item for the selected list.