Diff tool preferences

Set preferences for the Diff tool. For example, you can set the tool to ignore case or whitespace, or specify the color used.

Select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, Genero Studio > Preferences), then select Code Editor > Diff Preferences to set preferences for the Diff tool.

Internal tool configuration

Select the checkbox to enable an option:

Ignore case
Ignore differences between uppercase and lowercase.
Ignore all whitespaces
Ignore whitespaces, including tab, vertical tab, form feed, carriage return, and space. For example, the following are treated as the same:
LET monthValue=month(dateValue)
 LET   monthValue=month(dateValue)
Ignore space changes
Ignore internal and trailing whitespaces, but not spaces at the end.
LET monthValue=month(dateValue)

Is the same as:

LET   monthValue=month(dateValue)

But not the same as:

  LET   monthValue=month(dateValue)
Try hard to find a smaller set of changes
Show a smaller set of differences. You might want to select this option if your Diff output is too large, although it might cause Diff to run more slowly.

External tool configuration

If you have chosen to use an external tool, enter the configuration information:

External tool command line
The path of the external tool
External tool arguments
Use the shown variables to specify the arguments for the command line. The names of the files will replace the variables when the tool is invoked.


Select the color button next to each option to change the color used for deleted, modified, added lines and placeholders.