XML Schema/DTD preferences

Set preferences for the XML schema and DTD aspects of the Code Editor.

Many XML documents contain external links to stylesheets, schemas, DTDs, and so on, which may be stored at remote locations. XML catalog files may be used to provide an alternative path when the external entities aren't accessible.

Use Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then XML Schema/DTD from the Code Editor page in the Pages tree. You can now see a list of the XML catalog files that are provided.

XML Schema/DTD Configuration

Figure: XML Schema / DTD Configuration

This figure is a screenshot of the XML Schema / DTD Configuration dialog. Catalog entries are listed first. Additional Catalogs can be added underneath.

Catalog Entries

This section displays the entries for the XML Catalog files that are provided.

Use the icons at the top of the Catalog Entries section to add/delete or edit catalog entries. An edit icon appears next to catalog entries that may be edited.

These values are displayed for each Catalog Entry:

  • Key name - can be empty; already existing names can not be used.
  • Key type - valid values are:
    • Public ID, for the DTD
    • System ID, for the DTD
    • Schema URI, for the Schema location
  • Key value
    • For Public/System IDs - the absolute file location for the DTD
    • For Schema URI - the XSD file location; a Browse button is provided to locate the grammar file.

Additional Catalog

Entries in this section specify an XML catalog file to be added to the end of the current catalog. This allows one catalog to refer to another. If a reference cannot be resolved in the current catalog entry file, then the display moves to the next catalog specified in the Additional Catalogs section.

Entries defined in an XML Catalog file are given preference over entries that come from a Next Catalog file. This allows you to override the entries in the Next Catalog file to resolve external grammar files.

Use the icons at the top of this section to add/edit/delete Additional Catalog entries.

  • Next Catalog File - specifies the name of the additional XML catalog fie.