Template preferences

Set preferences for the template aspects of the Code Editor.

Language - select the desired language. The default is Genero BDL.


Displays a list containing the Name and Description of existing templates. When an existing template is selected, the corresponding template code is displayed in Preview.

Icons allow you to:

  • Add - Displays the Add Code Template dialog box, allowing you to enter the new template name and description
  • Delete - Deletes the selected template
  • Edit - Displays the Edit Code Template dialog box, allowing you to edit the name and description of the selected template.

Add/Edit a Template:

  • For new templates, enter the template name and description.
  • Type directly in the pane to add the code for a new template or to make changes in existing code.
  • Use the pipe character '|', to denote the cursor position in the expanded template. For example, when you insert this template into your code, the cursor appears inside the parenthesis after the CASE keyword.
    CASE (|)
        WHEN ()
        WHEN ()

    When you modify or create a template, you must type it exactly. For example, you must use indents.

Preview - Displays the code for the selected template.

Import/Export buttons

  • Import - import template definitions from an XML file
  • Export - export template definitions to an XML file