Application configuration files and Project Manager

Genero Studio creates a default application configuration file to display applications to the Web client. You can update the default configuration with a custom application configuration file.

By default, when Genero Studio executes an application for display in the Web client, it generates a default application configuration file for that application, and places it in a directory specified by the Genero Application Server configuration. For information on the Genero Application Server configuration within Genero Studio, see Configure for the Web client.

You may need to modify this default configuration. To achieve this, add a custom application configuration (.xcf) file to the project. This custom file can have any valid filename, but must end with an .xcf extension. Add the file to an application node.
Figure: Project View with Custom XCF file displayed

This figure is a tree view that shows the mycust.xcf file as a child node of the Hello World application node.

In the custom file, only add those elements that you need to modify.

How Genero Studio processes your configuration file

When you launch an application from a project, Genero Studio searches for a custom application configuration file in the following order:
  1. In the application node.
  2. In the libraries that are dependencies of the application. If multiple custom .xcf files are located, the first found file is used.
The details in the application configuration file are applied to the configuration file generated by Genero Studio. Two .xcf files are generated when the application is run with the GBC client:
This file is temporary and only used by Genero Studio for running the Web application for a single session. This configuration cannot be used to run the application directly from the browser.
This file is intended to run the application directly from the browser during development.

Genero Studio adds environment variables, resources, and more to the application configuration file (.xcf) to ensure the application runs as defined in the development environment.

If you need to create the deployment application configuration (.xcf) file to include in the Studio Project for packaging, select File > New... > Web / AS > Application Configuration (.xcf), and add only the necessary environment variables and resources.

For example, resources such as res.path.webcomponent.user should not be present in the deployment file.