The Welcome Page

The Welcome Page is displayed when Genero Studio is launched. From the Welcome Page, open a recent or sample project or configure the environment or database connection.

Open the Welcome Page by selecting Tools > Welcome Page. The Welcome Page is the first tab in the document workspace.

Figure: Welcome Page tab

The Welcome Page with Projects, Tutorials and Samples, News and Support tabs displayed.


Tabs organize the Welcome Page into sections.
Open a recently opened Project (4pw) or document. See Projects.
Tutorials and Samples
Sample files distributed with Genero Studio; contains links to open the sample projects. See Samples directory.
RSS feed with news about Genero.
Access to support and training videos.

Customizing the Welcome Page

To change what is on the Welcome Page, Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then Welcome Page.
Show Welcome Page at start up
Uncheck if you do not wish this page to display.
Select the template for the Welcome Page.
Clear all stored cookies.
Visible Sections
Check the sections that you wish to be displayed. Enable RSS feeds with the RSS Section checkbox.
Use the edit button to edit the feeds used on the page and to add or edit RSS locations.