The Form_uidialogdata.4gl file defines the modular variables, manages UI data (clear, fetch, set default values), and calls functions in the Form_uidata.4gl.

Table 1. Generated functions
Function Description
seek Gets the index of an item matching the given criteria.
fetchRowAndDetails Fetch row and details data for record.
fetchAll Fetch the data set for a record.
fetchRow Fetch row data for record.
fetchDetails Fetch details data for record.
clear Clear record data.
clearRowAndDetails Clear row and details data for record.
setDefaultValues Initialize record with default values.
runUpdates Run the treatments after the update of the field (like the descending, ascending lookups, ...). This function is especially called in the control blocks ON CHANGE, ON ACTION zoom.
runDescLookup Generate descending lookup functions triggered by fields of the master table of the record. It calls 'DescLookup' defined in data then update the fields if lookup successes.