The Form_uidialog.4gl file defines the subdialogs and modular variables. It manages the states of actions, fields and subdialog and calls functions in the Form_uidialogdata.4gl.

Table 1. Generated functions
Function Description
getDefaultField Get the default DIALOG field name.
validateCRUDOperation Validate a CRUD operation (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
processCRUDOperation Process a CRUD operation (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). Check the concurrent access.
synchronizeUI Synchronize the UI according an internal action returned by a CRUD operation.
setAllCurrentRow Set the current row for each subdialog in the case of master-details to restore the context when the mode switches.
uiDisplay DISPLAY ARRAY dialog.
uiInput INPUT dialog.
uiConstruct CONSTRUCT dialog.
setActionStates Sets the state of the dialog actions to active or inactive according to the mode.
setFieldActive Initialize fields state according to startup state.
getRecordFieldList Gets the field list of a subdialog.
navigate Navigation for current record.
setAllCurrentRow Set the current row on all subdialogs whose container is a 'table' to restore the context.
init Populate the referenced ComboBox.