Field activation

An active field is one that can be input by the user. Field activation occurs when the application is in an edit mode (MODIFY or ADD modes).

CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) apply to fields belonging to the business record master table thus only the business record master table fields can be edited and saved.

These fields can be edited directly by user input or automatically by ascending lookups.

In edit mode, active fields are:
  • fields belonging to the business record master table
  • fields running ascending lookups
Automatically deactivated fields:
  • Formonly fields
  • Unique key fields when the form is in MODIFY mode
  • Fields defined as a foreignField in a business record master-detail relationship

This default behavior can be bypassed by adding code in the predefined BLOCK/POINTs. Field activation sections are centralized to ease customization.

Note: When the user is in edit mode (property canModify is true) and no editable field is present, the program stops with an FGL error. In addition, if all fields of the business record master are primary keys, they can not be modified even if canModify is true. In the case of a master-detail relationship, a DISPLAY ARRAY / INPUT ARRAY may be generated instead of an INPUT ARRAY / INPUT ARRAY.