The $(blockpoint) command manages user-added code by extracting or injecting code between BLOCK and POINT tags in a generated 4gl file.


$(blockpoint) [options] filenames
  1. options are described in Table 1.
  2. filename is the generated 4gl file(s) separated by a space.


Table 1. $(blockpoint) options
Option Description
-extract Extract diff between filename and generated part of filename.codefile.
-storeGenerated Store the generated part of filename.code with the content of filename.
-inject Inject the diff part of filename.code in the filename.
-commentStart Comment start pattern.
-commentStart2 Line comment pattern.
-commentEnd Comment end pattern.
-code [.code file path] Specifies the name of the .code file. If there is only one generated source file (4gl), the .code file uses (by default) the same name as the source file, otherwise -code is mandatory.


The $(blockpoint) command is used in build rules for generated programs. Predefined node variables can be used in the command.
$(blockpoint) -code "$(InputDir)/$(InputBaseName).code" 
              -extract "$(InputDir)/$(InputBaseName).4gl"
$(blockpoint) -storeGenerated -code "$(InputDir)/$(InputBaseName).code" 
              -inject "$(InputDir)/$(InputBaseName).4gl"