What is Business Application Modeling (BAM)?

Genero Studio Business Application Modeling (BAM) is a graphical tool for generating code that extracts data and creates data models in BDL. It generates the logic and source code for an application to query, add, update and delete rows in database tables. It can generate desktop, web, and mobile applications.

BAM design process

BAM provides a complete framework for design and development, incorporating the entire life cycle of an application.

Figure: Application life cycle

This figure is a diagram of the application life cycle. See the surrounding text for more information about Business Application Modeling and the application life cycle.
With BAM:
  • Create a project type pre-configured for a desktop or mobile app.
  • Model the entities of your applications and their interconnection in a high level business diagram.
  • Model the detailed design of your database, forms, services, and reports in sub-diagrams.
  • Select options for the entities for user interface design and code generation.
  • Automatically generate an application matching the behavior described in the diagrams without coding.
  • Enhance the generated code with your own logic.

Is my application a good candidate for BAM?

If your report data is to be extracted from a database using SQL, then your report application is a good candidate for BAM. All CRUD forms -- to view, add, update, or delete data from the database -- are perfect candidates for BAM.

BAM does not generate code for:
  • Non-database forms, such as login screens or forms displaying only computed fields
  • Web components
  • Specific process logic, such as database synchronization for mobile apps

Custom code can be added for any functionality that is not generated by BAM.