Package and directory nodes (GAS)

You can add a package node that is set up and organized for creating a package that will be deployed to the Genero Application Server (GAS).

Genero Studio creates a pre-defined GAS package when you:
  • add a new Genero Application Server Package.
  • create your project using the Desktop Project (.4pw) option.
  • create your project using the BAM Desktop Project (.4pw) option.

The pre-defined structure for a GAS package is shown in Figure 1. The package node defines the packaging instructions for the GAS application. A directory node specifies one or more files to be included in the package.

Figure: Package and Directory Nodes (desktop)

Package and Directory nodes from a Project view.
Table 1. Default Directory nodes
Directory Contents
Binaries Binary files, such as the compiled modules (.42m files).
Config Configuration files. By default, this node includes fglprofile, application configuration files (.xcf), and the MANIFEST.
Images Image files. By default, this node includes .png, .jpg, .ttf, and .svg files, as well as the image2font.txt file.
libgst Libraries used with the Database Generation script.
Resources Application resource files, such as action defaults (.4ad) and style files (.4st).
Webcomponents Web component files.