The Slider item type defines a horizontal or vertical slider.

Figure: Slider

This figure shows an example of a horizontal slider widget defined by the Slider item type.


The slider item type is a data handling widget for the underlying formField. The formField can be associated with a database column by changing the fieldType property to TABLE_COLUMN, and specifying the tableName and colName properties.

This item type defines a classic widget for controlling a bounded value. It lets the user move a slider along a horizontal or vertical groove and translates the slider's position into a value within the legal range.

The valueMin and valueMax properties define respectively the lower and upper integer limit of the slider information. Any value outside this range will not be displayed; the step between two marks is defined by the step property. The sliderOrientation property defines whether the Slider is displayed vertically or horizontally. If valuemin and/or valuemax are not specified, they default respectively to 0 (zero) and 5.

This widget has to be used with a SMALLINT or INTEGER variable, larger types like BIGINT or DECIMAL are not supported.


This widget is not designed for CONSTRUCT, as you can only select one value.