A ProgressBar is a data handling widget that can indicate the current progress of an operation.

Figure: ProgressBar

This figure shows an example of a ProgressBar widget.


A ProgressBar item does not allow data entry; it is only used to display integer values.

The position of the progress bar is defined by the value of the corresponding form field. The value can be changed from the BDL program by using the DISPLAY TO instruction to set the value of the field.

The valueMin and valueMax properties define respectively the lower and upper integer limit of the progress information. Any value outside this range will not be displayed. Default values are VALUEMIN=0 and VALUEMAX=100.

Some front-ends support different presentation options which can be controlled by a style property. For example, you could display a percentage.

This widget has to be used with a SMALLINT or INTEGER variable, larger types like BIGINT or DECIMAL are not supported.