A WebComponent widget defines a generic formField that can receive an external widget. Is a typically complex widget that displays detailed information, such as charts, graphs, or calendars.


The WebComponent item type defines a form field which can be implemented with a plug-in mechanism on the front-end side.

You must define the type of the widget with the componentType property. This property is mandatory to identify the external widget that will be used for this field.

The scrollbars and stretch properties can be used to define the behavior of the widget regarding sizing.

The properties property is typically used to define properties that are specific to a given WebComponent. For example, a chart component might have properties to define x-axis and y-axis labels.

The value of a WebComponent field is usually (XML) formatted, and holds the data that will be rendered by the external widget through the JavaScriptâ„¢ shell.


In order for a WebComponent to be listed in the componentType list, it must be described in an XML file contained in the directory that you specified in GSTWCDIR.

See the topic on WebComponents in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide for more information.