Drawing form items

Containers and widgets can be drawn onto the form.

Using the Toolbar of containers and widgets, you can add one of more container or widget of a specific type onto the form.

Single-click the Toolbar icon
The item is selected, and one occurrence can be placed on the form.
Double-click the Toolbar icon
The item remains selected until explicitly deselected by clicking in the main window, another icon, or the select arrow. This allows you to draw several occurrences of the same item without re-selecting it.


All items on the form are in a hierarchy identified in the Structure view. All form items must be nested within a container. Some containers can be nested within other containers. For example, a table container could be nested within a folder container. To place a widget within a container on the form design, draw the widget in the container, or drag the drawn widget into a container. The parent container changes color indicating that the widget can be nested within it. The structure view will show the widget within the parent container. You can also use the structure view to change the parenting of containers to containers and widgets within containers by dragging and dropping the selected item into its new location in the structure.