Structure view

The structure of the form is displayed in the Form Structure view. As you add form items to the Form Design window, the elements are automatically added to a tree structure in the Form Structure view.

Expand the nodes in the tree to display or hide the different form items.

Selecting a form item node also selects the corresponding object in the Form Design window, and displays the item's properties in the Properties view.

To filter what appears in the Form Structure, enter the filter criteria in the Filter items field located along the bottom of the Form Structure view.

Figure: Structure View

This figure is a screenshot of the Form Structure View.
Managed Form
Lists a node for each record and for the form.
Lists a node for each field in the record.
Lists a node for each item on the form such as containers and widgets.

Right-click on the Form node in the Structure view to add or import other form elements like a Toolbar, Topmenu, Action Defaults and Styles.