Form Designer context menu

In Form Designer, each container and widget on a form has a context menu accessible by right-clicking on the object.

The context menu displays actions applicable to the object selected.

Table 1. Right-click Context Menu
Option Description
Edit Text Edit the text property.
Add Phantom Add a phantom field.
Convert Container Convert container to a different container type.
H-Layout Nest container in Horizontal layout.
V-Layout Nest container in Vertical layout.
Break Layout Remove Horizontal or Vertical layout.
Select All Form Fields Select all form fields in the current container.
Add Page Add Page to Folder container.
Add Page Before Add Page before selected Page.
Add Page After Add Page after selected Page.
Add Record Add field to existing record or add field to a new record.
Add Column Add column to table.
Add Column Before Add column to Table before selected column.
Add Column After Add column to Table after selected column.
Convert Widget Convert widget to a different widget type.
Convert to Text Convert widget to a Text widget.
Convert to Matrix Convert a formField to matrix.
Edit Items Edit the items property.
Locate in design view From form structure node, locate and select item in design.