Aligning form items

You can align widgets and layout containers in the Form Designer.

Align widgets

Widgets within the same container may be aligned.

The parent container size is limited to the form's maximum width and height.

Align items by using the mouse to select. Use Ctrl-mouse click to select multiple items. Select an option from the Alignment menu.

Layout containers

If a parent container has more than one child container, the child containers must be grouped and aligned using layouts.

Select the containers to be grouped. Use the Layout menu to group them. The form must be large enough to contain both the child containers in their desired position, as well as the layout container.
Horizontal Layout
Aligns the containers horizontally in a horizontal layout container.
Vertical Layout
Aligns the containers vertically in a vertical layout container.
Stack Layout
Aligns the containers as a stack.
Break Layout
Removes layout, ungrouping the containers. If you have grouped containers in a layout, you must break the layout in order to move the containers.